26 músicas de kpop em inglês com outros lados de nossos bias

Você gosta de ouvir os trabalhos dos(as) idols em outras línguas, sem ser a coreana? Dizem que o tom de nossa voz muda de acordo com a língua que falamos e, por curiosidade, separamos uma lista somente com músicas de kpop em inglês. Conheça esses trabalhos incríveis e se encante por cada um deles.

Tópicos da matéria:

26 músicas de kpop em inglês para adicionar na playlist

Além de ser um ótimo treino para quem está aprendendo ou já sabe a língua inglesa, muitos acreditam que músicas nesse idioma são mais fáceis de serem cantadas. Então, aproveite e conheça alguns trabalhos originais de idols nessa língua e outros que são versões de músicas já conhecidas no coreano.

1. Lose You – Eric Nam

“I think I wanna lose you
Just to find my way back to you”

2. Flying on Faith – Chungha

“I’ll always treat you different
So why are you judging me, babe?”

3. Dynamite – BTS

“Cause ah, ah, I’m in the stars tonight
So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight”

4. Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind – Dreamcatcher

“It’s up to you to realize
I’m waiting for you right behind
I need you now, just tell me how”

5. Paint Me Naked – Ten

“So tell me where you wanna take it?
I’m your figure
You could paint me naked”

6. Money – Lisa

“Everyone silent
Listen to my money talk”

7. Who do U Love? – Monsta X

“Oh, tell me now
Who’s the one that takes you higher than
Than you’ve ever been?”

8. Oh My God – (G)I-DLE

“I can’t control this desire
We get close, the flames get higher”

9. Rose – D.O.

“If you need a lover
Let me know and lеt me in
I could treat you bettеr”

10. Water Color – Wheein

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t wanna smile
I don’t need to be fake, I don’t
I’m gonna live for me”

11. Make a Wish – NCT U

“Girl you got me excited
I wanna play”

12. The Feels – Twice

“Are we on the same vibe?
I wonder what’s on your mind
Cause you got me good and I wanna be ya boo”

13. Monster – Henry

“Right now the time is wrong
I’ve been writing these songs about
How I can’t be with you”

14. Numb – Jessi

“I don’t give a damn how it looks right now
I just wanna drink till I go dumb, dum”

15. Zombie – Day 6

“I feel like I became a zombie
Not alive but I’m still walkin”

16. Helicopter – CLC

“Come with me
Ain’t afraid of no danger
I got you you got me”

17. Lullaby – GOT7

“Oh when you say my name
It sounds like a song
And I’d listen all day long”

18. Dance On My Own – Loona

“I don’t need someone to feel something
It’s just me, myself and I love it”

19. 2 Minus 1 – Seventeen

“Love is so blinding
Two minus one
I can see you’re doing really
Good without me, baby”

20. Loco – Itzy

“I’m trapped and there’s no way out
Surrounded by my thoughts of ya
I think I’m a little obsessed”

21. Cat & Dog – Tomorrow x Together

“Til we cross the rainbow bridge
I’ll be the one
You always dream of”

22. The Boys – Girls’ Generation

“Can’t get the best of me
I’mma be what I wanna be
This is deep in my heart”

23. One Day At A Time – Ateez

“When it’s overwhelming, hold on tight
I’ll be here, don’t forget it”

24. Love to Hate Me – Blackpink

“You ain’t worth my love
If you only love to hate me”

25. Don’t Recall – Kard

“Now I’m gone and you want to hold me
But I’m good without you, no lie”

26. Another Life – Key

“If you need my love
Say you want that”

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