36 frases de kpop em inglês diretamente de suas músicas

Lembro-me do kpop ser assim desde o princípio: intercalando o coreano com a língua inglesa de forma a se tornar uma marca para ele. E algumas dessas frases de kpop em inglês acabam grudando na nossa cabeça, como os exemplos a seguir.

1. Killer – Key

Meu Bias

“Promise you won’t regret
Promise you won’t forget”

2. When I Move – Kara

“We going’ higher, breakin’ all the rules
Watch me move”

3. Hello – Nu’est

“I just wanna let you know
I only think about you, girl”

4. Tomboy – (G)I-DLE

frases de kpop em inglês

Meu Bias

“Do you want a blond barbie doll?
It’s not here, I’m not a doll”

5. Missing – Teen Top

“You gotta be stronger
‘Cause you’re my star”

6. Happiness – Red Velvet

“Sometimes, you gotta be bold
Just rock the world”

7. Toy – Block B

Meu Bias

“Now you know all you need is me
I’m your toy”

8. 4 Walls – f(x)

“And I had the answers, but now they mean nothing
‘Cause these walls caught me here with something”

9. One of a Kind – G-Dragon

“I’m just wild and young
Do it just for fun”

10. Paradise Lost – Gain

Meu Bias

“They’re talking about a fantasy
They’re making up a story
So that they can control you and me”

11. Cry – MBLAQ

“Oh, baby, you make me cry
Oh, baby, just tell me why”

12. After Like – IVE

“You and I
It’s more than like
What’s after like?”

13. Ready to Love – Seventeen

Meu Bias

“All I wanna do is run away
‘Cause you are my escape, baby
Love has no limit”

14. Nerdy – Purple Kiss

“Who are you?
I’m the queen of the nerds”

15. Artist – Zico

“We are, we are, we artist baby
Hey, life is short, art is long”

16. Something – Girl’s Day

Meu Bias

“Don’t you look into my eyes and lie again
I’m sick of being alone”

17. Rainism – Rain

“I’m gonna be a bad boy
I gotta be a bad boy”

18. Bad Girl Good Girl – miss A

“You don’t know me
So shut up boy”

19. Puzzle – SF9

frases de kpop em inglês

Meu Bias

“I don’t need to know
What you’re gonna say
I don’t need to know
That you’re gonna change”

20. Obsession – Brown Eyed Girls

“It’s not real but illusions
But I know for sure
I can’t escape from you
‘Cause I’m so obsessed with you”

21. Sticker – NCT 127

“Who put this all together
I’m the sticker for your love”

22. Better – BoA

Meu Bias

“Give me little kisses tenderness
Give little touches handless”

23. Give Me More – VAV

“Let’s try it
There’s no reason to fight it
I’m ready for you to get closer
I’ve been wanting you all night”

24. I (Knew It) – Sonamoo

“I don’t want love, baby
No pain, no love”

25. Blessed-Cursed – Enhypen

Meu Bias

“Tell me, do I get blessed or do I get cursed?
I just want to know”

26. Tonight – Blackswan

“It’s not nice to keep running away
But I’m fine to keep playing this game”

27. Bambi – Baekhyun

“You’re so precious, I can’t take it
You are dreamy, Bambi, Bambi
Tell me what’s your secret”

28. Galaxy – Ladies’ Code

frases de kpop em inglês

Meu Bias

“Take me to the galaxy
Save me from the jealousy”

29. Antena – Ghost9

“Another day has gone
You always by my side
I will never let you go
Baby, you are not alone”

30. Dolls – 9MUSES

“You remember?
I was you’re girl,
now i’m a lonely girl”

31. Take Me Higher – A.C.E

Meu Bias

“My love
Everyday, everywhere
Everything about you and I
I know your mind”

32. Unnatural – Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

“Baby, I don’t really know what to do, no, no
How can I breathe now, now, now”

33. Undercover – Verivery

“Follow me, follow my heart
I’ve got the blessing”

34. Deepened – Brave Girls

frases de kpop em inglês

Meu Bias

“I’m sick of keep saying
Love me harder harder”

35. Roar – The Boyz

“Yeah, I’mma ‘bout to live life
Keeping me by your side now”

36. Someone Like U – Dal Shabet

“Hey, go meet someone
Stupid like you”

Esta matéria acabou, mas temos outras frases de kpop que podem te interessar. Confira e compartilhe as suas preferidas com os amigos e amigas!


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